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Buy VENDING MACHINE outright or get a free hire service for your business

Whether you are looking to have a FREE vending machine service for your workplace or organization or looking where to buy a vending machine, Royal Vending has got you covered.

We have a wide range of snacks, drink vending machine and combo vending machines to purchase with all different sizes to suit any purpose or environment whether its an office vending machines, factory, warehouse, school, hospital etc.

We service all over Australia. 

1. Market Leader In Performance- We have placed our vending machines side by side in different locations with other popular vending machine makes in the market to test them side by side to see which gets the most usage. And the results spoke for themselves. Due to the design, brightness, and advanced functionality (less issues and product jams) our machines made more sales then other machines.   The last thing you want is an old looking machine for your workplace representing you. With smart pay options, multi-vend options. sensor technology & different modern colors, our machines have proven to outperform.

2. Affordable Pricing On HIgh Quality Vending Machines - Because we are the leading suppliers of vending machines to purchase Australia wide we are able to negotiate cheaper pricing without compromising quality which we pass on to our customers!

We have a long range of experience operating machines so we ensure that if you were to purchase vending machine with us that they are high quality, durable and stand the test of time.

Our pricing is among the most competitive in the market, whether it's for products we supply for the machine with our free hire service or if it's a vending machine to purchase.

3. Vending Machines Are Easy To use- We supply to a great deal of vending operators and businesses in Australia (some with over hundreds' of machines) and the feedback we get most is that our machines are exceptionally simple and easy to use. You can easily set a machine up quickly example set product prices in bulk rather then in individual slots like many vending machines in the market, making it very time consuming and tedious to setup.

4. High Quality Materials Used and Workmanship- Some of the vending machines in the market place are cheap and flimsy. They use thin sheet metal and a lot of plastic on the machines to reduce price. Longevity and durability gets compromised and these machines rust easily and get shaken often. We do not compromise on quality. We use high quality materials and ensure high quality workmanship. The sheet metal used is high grade and extremely strong, making it more solid, durable, surdy and less shakeable.

5. Wide range of products available- We have a wide range of products available to suit different types of needs from drink vending machines, snack vending machines, the most popular now a days combo vending machines and more!

6. Plug & Play setup- Our machines are built to make sure parts are easily interchangeable. If for any reason after the warranty period a part needs to be changes, Its just a matter of removing one part and inserting another, no need to call up expensive technicians out for the most of it. Do it yourself easily and as we provide lifetime tech support, we can help you for free over the phone if needed.

7. Cheaper Parts - As we are the market leader in supplying vending machines we are able to source our parts at 40-50% cheaper then other suppliers. So incase you need to change product and need a different size coil or need to add another motor, you will safeguard your costs with our machine.

8. Energy Efficient - Our machine are energy efficient and operate like new fridge saving you costs on electricity.

9. Customization - Buy vending machine that is flexible and customizable. So based on your needs and the products you want on the machine we are able to configure it according to that.

10. Lifetime Support- Last but not least lifetime support and customer service. In a customer centric industry we pride ourselves in providing a prompt and efficient service. We endeavour to always be available to answer any questions you have and address any needs. We are not only there during purchase or sales. We are there for free lifetime support to address any queries that come even years later!

Who we are?

Royal Vending is a leading supplier of vending machine drink, snacks and combination vending machines and have been in the vending business over 2 generations. Starting from humble beginnings our old school philosophy of hard work and good old customer service has brought us to where we are today. We truly believe that we should provide a service and product to others that we would want to receive ourselves. With this as our core philosophy we endeavour to be available at all times and address any queries as soon as possible.  You can count on us.

 looking into vending?

Over the years we have partnered and worked in with many people to help them get into or grow a vending business. If you are interested in getting into or growing a vending machine business part time or full time get in contact with us. We have many opportunities available nationwide and can ensure that you are on the right path forward no matter what avenue you want to pursue.


” We are a small business in Sydney. Royal Vending gave us very good and prompt service from consultation, installation and servicing. Choose them! “ – Eugin, Asylum Hostel Sydney.

“ This is a great company with very quick response and great service and there is never a issue in regards to anything that is asked of them well done royal vending keep up the good work and there variation in products is awesome and pricing is very competitive would highly recommend to any one. “ – John Owens, Sydney Australia.

” Very helpful and friendly service! “ – Katelyn Johnson, Menu Log Sydney.

” Great company that supplies savvy vending machines. Royal Vending is extremely reliable and fills the vending machines according to the specific needs and demographics of the location. Highly recommended!!“ – Harris Goonetileke, Melbourne CBD.

” Thanks for all your help! Fantastic set up, great machine and good product range “ – Michael Townsend, Brisbane CBD.

"I have dealt with Royal vending for over 1 year now on several of our busy locations and have always been pleased with their prompt service. Their machines and service are fantastic! I highly recommend." – Michael Trovato, Victory Offices.

"Wonderful machines and great after service. Thank you Harris and team." - Mitch Verica

"Fantastic vending machines, simple to use and great after service. Thank you for all your help!" - Danny Leda