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Is your business or organisation looking for free vending machine hire in Hobart or in Tasmania? Or are you looking to purchase a vending machine?

You are in the right place. Royal vending is a leading supplier for simple hassle free vending machine solutions throughout Australia.

We offer vending machines in a range of sizes and designs. from combo vending machines to snack vending machines, drink vending machines, coffee vending machines, and even vending machines with touch screen advertisements.

Our simple hassle free vending machines are just as enjoyable to operate as they are  to experience when you hire them for free. They are a favourite for all.  

Whether you are looking to operate your own vending machine or want to inquire about Our free hire service, which is an all inclusive hire, replenish and service package is personalized for each client. Please make contact to find out more.


” We are a small business in Sydney. Royal Vending gave us very good and prompt service from consultation, installation and servicing. Choose them! “ – Eugin, Asylum Hostel Sydney.

“ This is a great company with very quick response and great service and there is never a issue in regards to anything that is asked of them well done royal vending keep up the good work and there variation in products is awesome and pricing is very competitive would highly recommend to any one. “ – John Owens, Sydney Australia.

” Very helpful and friendly service! “ – Katelyn Johnson, Menu Log Sydney.

” Great company that supplies savvy vending machines. Royal Vending is extremely reliable and fills the vending machines according to the specific needs and demographics of the location. Highly recommended!!“ – Harris Goonetileke, Melbourne CBD.

” Thanks for all your help! Fantastic set up, great machine and good product range “ – Michael Townsend, Brisbane CBD.

"I have dealt with Royal vending for over 1 year now on several of our busy locations and have always been pleased with their prompt service. Their machines and service are fantastic! I highly recommend." – Michael Trovato, Victory Offices.

"Wonderful machines and great after service. Thank you Harris and team." - Mitch Verica

"Fantastic vending machines, simple to use and great after service. Thank you for all your help!" - Danny Leda


If you are inquiring regarding our free hire service, I am pleased to inform you that we have a wide range of snacks and drink options available for your workplace. We have years of experience and have gathered the leading products in the marketplace that have proven to be effective in workplaces and organizations. We have successfully serviced clients Australia wide and have created a list with a wide range of popular products and great tasting treats to personalize the right vending machine for you. We are also flexible to source any requested products or set the machine up with a general range of products for convenience. Enquire now and one of our friendly team members will provide you with our product list. With so many great tasting treats, we have you covered.

Healthy Vending Machines hobart, tasmania

One of the trending requests in workplaces is having healthy options available. With so many great tasting healthy treats available, we have you covered. Whether you are looking for healthy snacks, drinks and even light meals, we have the perfect range from you to select from. Most people tend to choose for healthy products mixed with a range of popular items to create a balance of products for staff and visitors to select from, whilst keeping everyone satisfied and revitalised.

How it all works

When you make an inquiry with us, we will send you some more information regarding our service and our product catalogue.

We work with you to customise your vending machine to suit your workplace and environment. You can make requests for products and/or we can provide a popular mix that works well in your environment.

We will then send one of our friendly team members to meet with you to measure up the location where the vending machine is going and ensure that the right size is placed.

Royal Vending will then prepare the vending machine for you.

Once the machine is delivered and installed, one of our friendly team members will stock the machine to be used.

The machine will then be able to be monitored via phone and replenished as needed. The vending machine filler will also be on call to resolve any issues that may arise.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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