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 Vending Machines For Sale Australia Wide or free service For Your Business 

Are you looking for vending machines for sale in Australia? Or interested in a free service for your business or organization.

Look no further, Royal vending is a leading supplier of high quality modern snack, drinks and combination vending machines.

With our free vending machine service your business will have the benefit of having popular and tasty refreshments on demand keeping your staff happy and productive. This is $0 cost to businesses and organizations and we do out business through the sales of the products. Contact us today for more info or to get. started!

 If you are looking to purchase or buy a vending machine for sale then find below some reasons on why our machines and service provides a competitive edge with other options in the market.

Why our Vending machines are different

1. Simplicity- We supply to a lot of vending operators in Australia and the feedback we get most is that our machines are very simple to use. You can easily set a machine up quickly and bulk set prices with a push of a few buttons.

2. Design & Performance- Our machines look bright, modern and standout compared to other standard vending machines. We have done tests with our machines compared to others and have a case study where it out performed other machines in terms revenue and sales generated simply because it is more attractive.

3. Parts- Machines comes with a standard 24 months warranty. After warranty if anything goes sour the part for the vending machines are up to 40-50% cheaper then other brands out there. We are partnered with the second biggest supplier of vending machines globally! So we can take advantage of mass production and pass the savings on to you! Our manufacturer supplies some of the other leading brands key parts such as compressors. Contact us for more info.

4. Price- We offer the best price for new high quality vending machines for sale Australia wide. We are confident that our product and service offering for the prices will beat any other provider!

5. Energy Efficient- Standard vending machines take up a lot of power and some locations are weary of that. Rest assured that our machines are energy efficient minimizing electricity and power bills.

6. Customization- Our machines can be customized for a wide variety of different snacks and drinks products. Standard are quite limited in the type of products that you can put in them, however with different types of product coils and machine flexibility, we can customize it according to your product needs.

7. Technical support & training – We don’t just send you the machine and manual and trust you will figure it out. Our machines come with lifetime technical support so we are always available to help you whenever you have any questions. Our service is superior to none. 

Check out our vending machines below!


” We are a small business in Sydney. Royal Vending gave us very good and prompt service from consultation, installation and servicing. Choose them! “ – Eugin, Asylum Hostel Sydney.

“ This is a great company with very quick response and great service and there is never a issue in regards to anything that is asked of them well done royal vending keep up the good work and there variation in products is awesome and pricing is very competitive would highly recommend to any one. “ – John Owens, Sydney Australia.

” Very helpful and friendly service! “ – Katelyn Johnson, Menu Log Sydney.

” Great company that supplies savvy vending machines. Royal Vending is extremely reliable and fills the vending machines according to the specific needs and demographics of the location. Highly recommended!!“ – Harris Goonetileke, Melbourne CBD.

” Thanks for all your help! Fantastic set up, great machine and good product range “ – Michael Townsend, Brisbane CBD.

"I have dealt with Royal vending for over 1 year now on several of our busy locations and have always been pleased with their prompt service. Their machines and service are fantastic! I highly recommend." – Michael Trovato, Victory Offices.

"Wonderful machines and great after service. Thank you Harris and team." - Mitch Verica

"Fantastic vending machines, simple to use and great after service. Thank you for all your help!" - Danny Leda

About Us

Royal Vending is a leading supplier of vending machines Australia wide and has vast amount of experience dealing with operators and all types of businesses. Depending on what you need the vending machine for we can give you tips and make sure that your machine is customized specifically for your needs. 

Additionally we can also wrap machines with brands and designs to ensure that your brand image and business is represented professionally. We have a designer who can create designs or designs can be provided to us.

We also supply the latest on cashless payment options on our vending machines. Along with Taking master card, visa card and amex, we also have the options of paying with apple pay, android pay and more.

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