Vending Machine Finance

by | Dec 12, 2022

Let’s be honest, every aspiring entrepreneur dreams of having a profitable and low-maintenance business that most importantly offers you time freedom and the ability to have a flexible work life balance.

Here at Royal Vending, we are here to help you establish your dream. If you’re someone looking for their next side hustle or for a part time secondary income look no further. Here at Royal Vending we have over a decades experience and have worked with people with a variety of goals and or that have come from a variety of different situations, many of which have worked with us to build a very solid profitable businesses.

We also include vending machine finance options. Depending on your circumstance we have different vending machine finance lenders that may suit you. We work with them to make sure they cater to each one individually and help as best as they can achieve your business goals.

We love a good success story. Mum of two Jade Buhagiar partnered with us to build her vending machine business as a secondary income. While many mothers need to work five days a week and have their children in before and after school care to make a sufficient income, she was able to generate an income that well exceeded her expectations. Jade working two days a week in her vending business was able to generate more income than most people would make working a five day 38 hour week. Which gave her the flexibility to still attend all her children’s sporting and school activities and the flexibility to still have free time while providing for her family.  This is only one of our many success stories here at Royal Vending.

If you are looking for a passive/ residual income which is not only a sustainable income where you can literally make money while you sleep look no further then Royal Vending.

Another bonus that comes with investing in vending machines is how little capital expenditure is required compared to the potential revenue this business can bring in.

Have you ever stopped to think how the vending machine in your lunch room is run and operated? How they make their money? With multiple streams of payment options such as credit card, tap & go, and cash your vending machine customers have the ability to purchase even when they have no cash on hand. The ability to restock the vending machines in hours and times that suits you, makes the vending machine industry an enticing investment. We at Royal Vending have many vending machine options which range from small vending machines, to drink, snack, combo vending machines, also frozen food vending machines, soda and ice cream vending machines. We also offer customised vending machines. The investment opportunities really are endless with Royal Vending.

With an ever changing economy it is always important to be financially diverse and have multiple steams of income, we have found an ever increasing interest from entrepreneurs across Australia asking how the vending machines business model works here at Royal Vending. Not only does our business model supply vending machines for sale but also free hire of our vending machines.

If this sounds like something that would interest you look no further then Royal Vending. We have a passionate team that are ready to take your call and guide you on your Vending machine investment journey.

At Royal Vending, we have an established vast range of diverse vending machine suppliers who can supply your stock to you for your vending machines quickly and efficiently.
We have a wide variety of products, and we can arrange for your machine to be replenished with stock direct to your sited machine.

We pride ourselves on customer service, efficiency and having streamlined procedures in places to make the procedure as seamless and easy as possible. You can have your desired products ordered online, having them delivered directly to your premises.

At Royal Vending we have ongoing round the clock advice and support which comes at no extra cost to you. We will assist with training you and your team in all aspects of vending machine operations and provide ongoing support, we have highly trained vending machine technicians to assist you with questions and queries you or your team may have. We offer the ability to have step by step training, which is available either in person, on the phone or online.

We are here to assist you in your vending business journey to ensure you hit the ground running.

We operate Australia wide, so take the first step today in starting your own vending machines business and call us at Royal Vending to find out more about our vending machine finance options.