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by | Dec 12, 2022

How to start a successful vending machine business Sydney

Our most popular vending machines in Australia are our combination vending machines perfect for providing your employees with a quick and easy refreshment and on the go snack, keeping work productivity at it’s highest. You can choose to hire or purchase a small vending machine. Click here to check out the different vending machines we have available.

For your convenience, at Royal Vending we offer a complete FREE and hassle free vending machine service to suit all businesses? We supply large combo, snack and soda and drinks vending machines to suit all locations and businesses. Our small vending machines are perfect for smaller businesses or premises as they take up less space and hold small volumes of stock. Our small vending machines are installed fully stocked and ready to use; designed with state of the art technology, including touch screen, card readers, android pay, Apple Pay options and multi vends. We will even deliver and install your vending machine free of cost. Furthermore, our friendly and professional team will refill you’re vending machine and provide all round maintenance and technical support free of charge.

At Royal Vending we customise your small vending machine to suit the needs and wants of your workplace. Whether your a gym, officer or warehouse we can supple your machine with a vast range of favourable snacks and refreshments.

Our health and wellness selection will make you feel less guilty about you’re snacking! If you’re seeking healthier options, easy on the go snack and drink choices for you to enjoy. Select from our superpower nut mixes, soy crisps, protein balls, breakfast drinks and biscuits, tuna snacks and flavoured waters.

Alternatively you may wish to opt for or mix up your small vending machine with some caffeine beverages, chocolates, and chips and sugary or energy drinks for a quick and easy pick me up.

Keeping workplace productivity at its highest is essential for maintaining a successful business. Sometimes a quick snack or refreshment break is all that is needed to keep your employees satisfied and work focused. Our small vending machines will provide your employees with a vast range of snacks and refreshments available 24 hours a day, therefore there is no time wasted to leave the workplace.

You will never run out of your quality favourite snacks and beverages with Royal Vending. Our small vending machines come with the latest in remote monitoring, this means the filler will recognise when the machine needs replenishing and will notify you, creating less work for you and a seamless stress-free service to ensure your customers are always happy and nourished with the most popular brands of snacks and drinks. We use brands such as Coke a Cola, Smiths chips, Red Rock Deli and Cadbury just to name a few.


Small vending machines are more than a sales industry. They are an alternative and modern sales channel. By automating the delivery of fresh assorted snacks and refreshments, small vending machines have become the easiest, most effective way for employees to enjoy a quick pick me up.

Our small vending machines do all the work for you, keeping your staff onsite for there snacks drinks and coffee needs of course leads to ever increase productivity. Small vending machines have become one of the most profitable and increasingly growing businesses. In the recent years vending machines have become one of the most inventive methods of delivering an effortless source of income; they have become a great economic diverse way to ever bring in a secondary income or increase your current income.

A small vending machine will provide automated round the clock sales without the need of having to employ a person to prepare or serve the clientele. Therefore these machines really do make the idea employee.

They allow 24 hour use while any workplace is closed, generating passive income day and night. Small vending machines provide easy access to fresh and popular brand snacks and refreshments. Convenience is most appealing to the consumer, especially when there is quick and hassle-free access for you’re employees to replenish and keep hanger at bay.

Small vending machines proved excellent customer service 24 hours a day, meaning revenue for our companies. Each purchase that is made by a customer adds dollars to your profit margin. Small vending machines are practical and can be manoeuvred into most work places and small areas. From there, the customers will be responsible for making their purchases in a convenient and hassle free way. Once the machine is placed, you can sit back and allow it to do the work for you , enjoying all of the benefits it provides.

When purchasing a small vending machine you can also opt for custom vending machine decals and wraps, making your machine more appealing to eye of the consumer meaning your vending machine will stand out from the crowd.

However, all of our machines are modern exciting in appearance. We even have small RVC media vending machines can display adverts, photos, videos and selected messages to draw your customers in.

Small vending machines offer a variety of snacks and beverages. Whether you opt for a drinks only or combo machine, produce can be customised to your liking and you will be sure to find them in the same place.

A Small Vending Machine will do the job for you and crush those in-between meal cravings for you employees keeping them fuelled and focussed

The benefits of a small vending machine are of many and can me customised to suit all businesses.

Royal Vending is the best in the business, with over a decade of vending machines knowledge and industry experience, we know the ins and outs of the business.

Our highly trained and friendly team will assist you to choose the best small vending machine for your workplace or premises. To purchase or to learn more about our small vending machine models and options please see list the of small vending machines Royal Vending has to offer below:

If you interested in knowing more please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.