Ice Cream Vending Machine

by | Dec 9, 2022

At Royal Vending we stock foods such as healthy Muscle chef meals , Villi’s meat pies, yogurts, Streets ice creams and much more.

Are you looking for a frozen food or ice cream vending machine for your business? Look no further! At Royal Vending, we’ve got you covered! Preparing meals and snacks can be time consuming and transporting frozen foods when commuting to work is not practical. Our frozen food and ice cream vending machines bring freshly pre-packaged meals and snacks to you. We stock all your favourite brand frozen meals, snacks and ice creams and can have them readily available to you on site 24 hours a day. This means no time needs to be wasted for employees to leave the premises for a quick hunger fix. What can be better than having a healthy lunch followed by a delicious ice cream within arm’s reach.

Royal Vending are guaranteed to supply only the highest of quality vending machines Australia wide. With years of industry knowledge and experience, we know the ins and outs of the vending machine industry and can assist you with achieving the most suitable and profitable vending machine solutions for your business. Not only do we supply frozen food and ice cream vending machines, we all have a vast range of alternative machines , including coffee vending machines, drink vending machines, snack vending machines, combo vending machines, healthy vending machines, fresh food vending machines, office vending machines, gym vending machines, hospital vending machines, school vending machines and media vending machines. For every individual and desirable preference, we have the perfect answer for you.

Saving time and increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace is crucial to running a successful vending machine https://www.royalvending.com.au/vending-machine-business/business. Workdays have become increasingly longer and tiresome; having to prepare a meal or travel outside the workplace to wait for your lunch to be made is inconvenient and time wasting. Our frozen food and ice cream vending machines will solve this issue, allowing more time to unwind and enjoy your much needed lunch break.

Our state of the art frozen foods vending machines offer a wide selection of readily made frozen meals. These meals can be microwaved in just minutes making them easily accessible for your staff. There are several benefits of having a frozen foods vending machine on site. They provide flexibility, as they can choose to purchase their meal at anytime and have it ready in no time. This means it doesn’t matter when you’re feeling hungry, a meal can be freshly prepared at anytime. The meals are also readily made, therefore There is not need to travel to the supermarket to buy ingredients or to waste time on having to prep you’re own food for the week. Our frozen food vending machines take up minimal space and best of all they operate automatically meaning there is no need to employ more staff, bringing in hassle free options to your workplace.

In addition, you can choose to opt for our high-quality ice cream vending machine only. There is no better way to treat your staff with one of our high-quality ice cream vending machines. What can be better than treating yourself and indulging in your favourite ice cream during a hard day’s work or having a sweet frozen desert to follow lunch.

An Ice cream vending machine conveniently sell ice creams automatically. They take up minimal space, allowing for more storage in the workplace and do not require human resources. Ice cream vending machines can be customised to suit your clientele and do all the work for you. They also operate 24 hours a day and do all the work for; meaning you can make hassle free money while you sleep.

Both our frozen foods and ice cream vending machines are suited for all business types ; including schools, small and large office spaces, airports, gyms, cooperate businesses, factories. These machines are particularly beneficial for businesses/workplaces that require staff on site before and after hours. Food will be readily available 24 hours a day.

Contact us on 1300 513 668 and our professional and friendly team will assist you with all you need to know when it comes to frozen food and ice cream vending machines.

We will make certain that the most suitable vending machine is chosen for you and can even customise your machine to best suit the needs of your clientele. In addition, Our highly trained staff will carry out an on-site assessment to discuss where to best place your vending machine. Our products and services are highly affordable, professional, and reliable.

We will deliver and install your frozen food or ice cream vending machine FREE of charge. We offer a hassle-free service including 24 hour technical support plus free servicing and maintenance. With Royal Vending, you will receive nothing short of excellence when it comes to customer service and support. We are sure to exceed your expectations!

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