How much does a vending machines cost?

by | Dec 9, 2022

You maybe wondering how much are vending machines?

The costs of a vending machine can vary, it can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $10,000 which are contingent on a variety of factors.

These may include the size of the vending machine it can also depend on whether the vending machine is snack only or a combo machine another factor is if the vending machine is new or second hand.

Here at Royal Vending there are many vending machine options which range in price. A small, snack-only vending machine will be considerably cheaper than a medium-sized drinks vending machine which will fall somewhere in the mid range pricing category.  A brand new, large, combo vending machine, ( a vending machine that  sells both drinks and snacks) will be on the higher end of the pricing scale.

We at Royal Vending find it important to educate all potential buyers on possible expenses which maybe incurred with running a vending machine business, some of these mentioned below are not common expenses. Other costs to consider when buying a vending machine may include,

The cost to fill a vending machine, If using a vending machine company to service your machine there is no additional costs in having, your vending machine restocked with snacks and drinks. Alternatively, to independently restock your vending machine, it will cost approximately $200-$300.

To buy a brand new vending machine outright it will take around 12-16 months to completely pay off. This will depend on the usage, quality of service and location of the vending machine.

One of the goals we at Royal Vending believe to be important for every business owner is to improve customer engagement and gratification. This means when investing, the needs of your customers and clientele must be met. For example whether the clientele targeted prefer snack only, combo or may seek healthy options.  Understanding your clientele leads to improved efficiency and productivity for every industry. That’s why having a vending machine on premises is a great option  to your business as it provides quick and easy access to drinks and snacks to your employees saving time and increasing productivity.

Vending machines can be expensive due to its manufacturing and its electronic components. Such as steel frame and refrigeration units necessary to make the vending machine Functional. The cost of a brand new vending machine in Australia can be anywhere between $5,000-$12,000. Vending machines range in the thousands of dollars. An empty vending machine may vary between $7,000- $12,000 as opposed to a vending machine completely filled with snacks and drinks. Another option can be, a second hand stripped down parts only vending machine which may cost as little as upwards from $1000.

To manufacture a new vending machine costs anywhere between $4,000-$10,000. A vending machine essentially consists of a large number of parts. In recent times manufacturing components of a vending machine have become more digitally inclined.

Touch screens , multi-vends and credit card payment options have become more common in new vending machines to increase convenience and customer satisfaction. We further anticipate this to continue as the technology market continues to develop.

At royal vending we aim to educate the buyer on reducing the maintenance costs of a vending machine. We advise that machine cleaning is an important factor to keep in mind. A brand new, good quality vending machine should have minimal maintenance costs.

Keeping the filters clean is the most important maintenance regime to ensure the longevity of your new vending machine. Cleaning your vending machine filters at least every 2 months is crucial to ensure the refrigeration component of your machine is working efficiently. Should there be a mechanical issue with operation of your vending machine, a call out fee will be charged averaging between $80-$110 to fix the vending machine. Extra costs are inclusive of any parts that may need to be replaced.

If moving a vending machine from one premises to another is required, the cost of transporting the vending machine will depend on the distance it is being moved to and the steps involved to place the vending machine in its new location. Generally, costs will vary depending on the labour of the move. This can be anywhere between $70-$500.

Another possible expense to consider should the glass of your vending machine need repairing or replacing. The average cost is usually quoted between $550-$690 AUD.

Another option is to wrap all sides of the vending machine making it more appealing and inviting to eye of your clientele can cost roughly between $470-$600.  A call out fee may also need to  be factored  depending on the company you acquire. The average compressor for a vending machine costs between $1200-$1500 AUD.

A complete vending machine lock can cost around $150-180 AUD.  This price includes the T-bar, lock barrel and keys. The cost to run a vending machine is very similar to running a fridge. The cost is around $100-$200 per year.

The average cost of commission for a vending machine is about 5-10% Which some companies ask for to either keep for themselves or to donate onwards to charities they Support.

The cost of the stock in the vending machines vary, normally a packet of chips can be purchased wholesale from around one dollar Upwards depending on the brand you stock in the machines and the amount purchased. Cans of drinks are similar in price and can range from around eighty cents to a dollar in price, chocolate bars which can be stocked in the vending machine also normally also around a dollar to a dollar twenty in price. Once again this is just a average to give you an idea of basic costings.

Purchasing a used machines from a reputable company such as us at Royal Vending machines is endorsed as we can offer you parts and service and a reputable advice. It isn’t recommended buying cheap vending machines from Ebay and or Gumtree as you can be left high and dry.

If renting a vending machine looks like the more viable option for you and your business, The cost to rent a site to place a vending machine is usually free unless the space is a public area, there may be additional costs. Another thing to consider is that some businesses may request a small commission paid to have a vending machine sited on their premises.

If you interested in knowing more please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.