Honey Vending Machine Sydney & Australia Wide

by | Jul 12, 2021

Have you seen honey being sold in a vending machine?

Are you a bee keeper and would like to offer your product to be purchased in a safe way even when you aren’t there to sell it.

Why not in a custom honey vending machine?

It wasn’t that long ago that we started hearing stories of farmers turning to lucrative ways to sell their products. Farmers that are working hard and long hours. They wanted to still be able to sell their product at retail, yet not have to put their time and effort to do so. That’s when farmers and bee keepers started turning to vending machines.

So what is the cons and pros of a honey vending machine?


  • The initial outlay for the vending machine.
  •  The vending machine runs off power.
  • Refilling the machine with products.
  • The vending machine has to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain qaulity presentation.


  • Tax and depreciation benefits.
  • Efficient way to sell your products 24/7.
  • Safe and secure way to sell your products.
  • Ability to take cash or card payments.
  • Lucrative way to increase sales and profit margins.

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