Healthy Vending Machine Choices Customized For You

Are you after a healthy vending machine in your work place? Something with great tasting products that are good for you? Would you like a large range of healthy snacks, healthy beverages and healthy food items to select from to tailor the perfect healthy vending machine for your work place or organisation? If so we are more than happy to help! 

Our passion for health has motivated us at Royal vending to hand select a range of products that are not only healthy but taste great as well! As a company that encourages healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, we are excited and motivated for the change towards healthy eating that is happening. 

Our main aim at Royal vending is supplying vending machines and healthy vending machines for businesses and organizations in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia. Providing an efficient service, which is convenient for your staff and visitors. We pride ourselves in being a reputable vending machine supplier in Sydney.

Healthy Snacks, Food & Beverages

We have hand selected a large range of healthy products for you to pick from to tailor a healthy
vending machine for your work place. Most people like to have a mix of healthy products and general product selection in the machine to give that variety and option for staff or visitors to pick from, although some people like to have a machine which is majority healthy or a vending machine set up to meet health guidelines. Either way we are more than happy to assist you in this process!

We have a range of products that taste amazingly delicious and will leave you satisfied. Some of our favourites are our guilt free low sugar chocolate brownies that are so soft and juicy, low sugar chocolate bars with no nasties or additives, Remedy Kombucha in all its flavours, cobs lightly salty/ lightly sweet popcorn that will leave you licking your fingers and the list goes on! If you would like to know more about our service, please make contact via phone or fill in the enquiry form below for someone to make contact with you as soon as possible.


It is very simple!

  • Make contact with Royal Vending
  • We pick the right vending machine for your work place or organization
  • We work with you to select a range of products
  • We deliver and install the machine
  • Stock the vending machine
  • Replenish and maintain the machine as needed
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