Drink Machine

Drink Vending MachineS

We have a variety of drink vending machines available for you to choose from to hire or buy vending machine Australia! All our machines are modern, eco-friendly, reliable, easy to use and accept card, apple pay, android pay or cash. All our drink vending machines also come with the latest in remote monitoring, this means the filler will be able to see when the drink vending machine needs replenishing. We have machines that will service small locations or large machines that will carry larger volumes of stock for the busier environments. Additionally, we have both small and large media drink vending machines that can play or show specific messages, images, advertisements, or videos. We have a wide range of products, so whether you’re looking for energy drinks, soft drinks, or healthier alternatives, we’ve got you covered!

RVC Media

It comes in small and large drink vending machines. The media has the ability to play or display selected messages, photos, adverts or videos.

  • Dimensions Small: H 1970mm W 765mm D 860mm
  • Dimensions Large: H 1960mm W 1083mm D 860 mm


RVD12 is a small drink vending machine.


  • H 1970mm
  • W 765mm
  • D 860mm


RVD24 is a large drink vending machine.


  • H 1960mm
  • W 1083mm
  • D 860 mm
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