Custom Vending Machines

Here at Royal Vending we are here to help you find a vending machine solution that’s perfect for you. More so, we are all about delivering the best customised solution for you and your industry every single time.

Royal Vending Machines have the ability to capture a very specific niche market or we have the capability to create something to appeal to any niche.

We aim to work with your brand to specifically execute your specific goals that will provide you a vehicle to produce a passive stream of revenue, provide a home for your unique brand or product and creating a vending experience with undoubtable convenience.

Who are we

We at Royal Vending can customise your Vending machine with appealing presentation, we endeavour to do this through ways such as screen graphics or more excitingly we can change the vending machines core functionality. We are here to strive to meet your needs and can go as far as the imagination can take you.  Ultimately, we are here every step of the way to help you create your dream vending experience for your product and brand but It is you who has the reigns to decide what your Vending machine will do and look like. We’ve been asked if its true that any business can benefit from Custom Vending Machines and we believe the short answer is yes.

The only limits you face with Royal vending custom designed vending machines are your imagination and we can assist a never ending array of business ideas for that ever appealing wow factor when it comes to functionality and design. All Royal Vending, vending machines can be designed to hold a world of products and disperse any products. This could include but not limited to the following:

Champagne, Medical supplies, Bubble Tea, Beauty Supplies and specific beauty products, Toys, Mobile phones, mobile prepaid plans & accessories and gadgets, Ink cartridges, Thongs. The most exciting part is that when partnering with Royal Vending to provide a customised vending solution it can provide an opportunity  that can be trading 24/7 without the need for staff, not only that you can be sure with Royal Vending we will be sure to go that extra mile to ensure your products will be safe and secure in our highly durable customised modern vending machines.

We are ready to help you take your business and creative ideas to new heights with Royal Vending.

Custom vending machines in the workplace!

At Royal Vending we thrive on customer satisfaction and working with clientele that really want to think outside the square to really create a vision. Thanks to our cutting edge technology, such as back to base product monitoring our clientele have the ability to have the transparency to see their business and product movement not to mention revenue at all times this brings peace of mind and upmost control and convenience.

The team at Royal Vending want to work with you to build your brand and income by creating a custom vending machine that exceeds your wildest dreams and is the most eye catching creation for your market as well as working with you to ensure the upmost safety and security of your inventory. To make this process as streamline and stress-free process as possible.

Another exciting innovation we can offer is using a generic code so your customers can access specific promotions via their personalised code or even free products. This allows your clients to have a seamless and unique experience. Also it allows you as a business owner to have control and still personalise the clients experience from the comfort of your home and or office.

How It Works

We here at Royal vending have many current clientele building their brands through our customised vending solutions for example a current client of ours “Beauty Box” has partnered with us to develop a gorgeous bright pink wrapped vending machine, this creates an eye catching appeal to their customers an target market to ensure there vending machine not only stands out but cannot be missed. We are all about innovation here at Royal Vending and we offer the ability to have data collection from your sales and customers not to mention being able to have your clients pay by cash, card or even as far as a gift voucher.

If you are interested in knowing more about our customised vending solutions and what we can bring to your business or vision contact one of our friendly team for a free consultation or simply to have your questions answered. We have over a decade of experience and an outstanding track record with customer satisfaction so feel free to contact us today.

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