Credit Card Vending Machine & Cashless Vending Machine

by | Dec 12, 2022

Nowadays, cash has become a thing of past. It is not often that customers carry cash on them. As technology is continuing to evolve in every industry and in our day to day lives, it is now a rarity that a consumer will opt for cash payments.

For your convenience, Royal Vending supplies contemporary and modern credit card vending machines with cashless vending machine options. Our state of the art vending machines are equipped with the latest technology including card readers allowing the consumer to us visa card, master card, android pay or apple pay. A simple tap of your choice of add payment or your android device is all that’s needed to grab a quick snack or refreshment on the go. There is no longer the need for consumers to have to carry cash on them or scavenge for loose change.

Using a cashless vending machine is extremely easy and convenient. All that is needed is your preferred card or mobile device and a quick insert or tap over the card reader. The machine will then authorise your card; Next you will need to select the item of choice and it will automatically fall to the bottom tray of the vending machine for your collection.

There are many benefits of investing in a vending machine with credit card payment systems for your business as well as for the consumer.

Credit Card payment systems , assist with stock control, helping to keep track of which items are most favourable to the consumer as well as those that items that do not sell. This means you can replace unpopular items with stock that is more likely to sell, creating a more profitable business for you.

Credit card payment systems are extremely convenient for the consumer and vending business. As technology has advanced most people do not carry cash on them; cashless vending allows the consumer to purchase favourable items simple by using their phone or preferred bank card. In return, the more accessible your vending machine is to the customer, the more profit your vending business will turn over.

In addition, using payment options such as Apple Pay is a safe, secure and super convenient option for the consumer. It works wherever you can tap and pay. Your card number is never shared or saved on your device. All payments are securely authenticated using ID or passcodes.

If you use Apple Pay an account number will be created for you rather than a credit card number. Using an account ID makes it more difficult for identity thieves to steal your personal information. Consumers can also Switch easily between the bank cards they want to use.

Our high tech Vending machine further provide customers with prime pliability when it comes to payment options. Our machines are equipped with credit card payment options and also accept cash in the form of notes and coins, meaning you do not have to have the exact amount of money to purchase your favourite snack. Furthermore, cashless vending allows the consumer to purchase any item using a simple tap of your preferred bank card or mobile device.

Another advantage of cashless vending is that it works hand in hand with our remote back to base monitoring system. Without opting for a vending machine with a card reader system you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of remote monitoring. This system is used to assist independent vending machine operators to improve productivity and increase their profit margin.

Studies show that remote monitoring systems can help increase profit margins by 30% . A remote back-to-base monitoring system allows you to keep on top of sales numbers, audit cash and predict sales.

Our Back to Base Remote Monitoring system report back to you at specific times of the day, keeping you up to date all sales. It also will keep you updated with alerts in regards to sales activity, temperature changes and stock history. This means you will no longer need to waste time doing unnecessary refill runs.

This system further allows you to keep track of your stock and will also keep you updated with the consumers most popular purchased items. It will even modify your next product selection to help you achieve supreme customer satisfaction.

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