Combo Vending Machines Free Hire Or Buy!

combo vending machine

A combination or combo vending machine gives you the ability to vend a vast range of drinks, snacks and meal options in the same compact machine. Our quality energy efficient drink and combo vending machines come in a range of sizes to suit all locations and consumers.

Our well-made combo vending machines are appealing and easy to operate. To fit the requirements of each customer’s request, they are simple to modify and adapt. Each combo vending machine comes with the ability to accept cash, visa card, master card, android pay or apple pay. The machines are also fitted with remote monitoring which will keep the filler up to date on product levels in the machine. Whether you are looking for free hire or to buy we are able to assist you.

RVM5 (Grey & Orange)

The RVM5 is the largest combo vending machine.


  • H:1920mm
  • W:1180mm
  • D: 820mm

RVM4 (Grey & Orange)

The RVM4 is our medium combo vending machine.


  • H: 1920mm
  • W: 1000mm
  • D: 820mm

RVM3 (Grey & Orange)

The RVM3 is the smallest combo vending machine in our range.


  • H: 1928mm
  • W: 750mm
  • D: 820mm

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