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Whether you’re looking to make a direct purchase for business gains or opt for free hiring to cater to your employees/customers, the RVM300 Espresso and RVM500 Barista Coffee Machines are perfect additions for your business!

The RVM300 Espresso is our latest bean-to-cup coffee machine designed to redefine your coffee experience. It has a user-friendly menu and is easy to use and maintain. The RVM500 Barista can serve both hot and cold coffee delights! It’s equipped with everything you need, including an ice maker, for the ultimate beverage experience.

Both machines are designed with simplicity and an intuitive interface, making them easy to use and navigate for customers of all ages. They feature a sleek and modern appearance, adding a touch of style to any location. To see both choices, scroll down below.

We provide our coffee vending machine services in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Tasmania, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Perth.

If you would like to know more about our purchase, lease-to-own, rent, or free hire and service solutions, just fill out the form below or call 1300 513 668, and one of our friendly team members will happily assist you.


RVM300 ESPRESSO: A Coffee Master at your Command

● User-friendly menu for seamless operation

●  21.5″ touchscreen with an intuitive interface

●  Upgraded machine hygiene for cleanliness and safety

●  Easy maintenance ensures hassle-free usage

●  Flexible espresso/filter coffee module

●  Tea brewer module

●  Soluble canister module

●  Tailor your machine to different customer needs with elegance and flexibility.

●  Enhanced machine sealing for superior bug and insect prevention

●  Optional built-in UV lamp for internal disinfection

●  SaaS platform for remote control, data analysis, and malfunction alerts

●  12 months warranty on machines, 24 months on Nayax

●  Customization options available

●  Cashless payments supported through Nayax

RVM500 BARISTA: Iced & Hot Coffee for your Enjoyment

●  Iced and Hot Coffee for Your Enjoyment

●  Experience the epitome of beverage excellence with our RV500 Barista, a bean-to-cup vending machine equipped with an ice maker.

●  Creates 40+ hot and iced beverages

●  Automatic cup lid capping system for convenience

●  Built-in ice maker for a perfect iced coffee experience

●  Uses fresh ground coffee for unparalleled flavour

●  Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with the machine’s auto self-cleaning feature.

●  Auto cup lid capping system for contactless beverage production

●  Visible bean hopper and grinding process for transparency

●  Separate storage for barrelled water and wastewater bucket

●  Enhance your coffee flavour and taste with the built-in beverages mixer mounted on the machine door.

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