Card Readers for Vending Machines

by | Jul 11, 2024

At Royal Vending we believe in achieving maximum quality customer service by providing quality options and convenience for our consumer Australia wide.

To achieve this, all of our vending machines are equipped with the latest credit card readers for vending machines. This means the consumer is no longer limited to having to scrounge for loose coins. Payment options are now expanded to cash and card, aswell as android and apple pay and Tap & Go. A simple tap of your mobile device is all that is needed to purchase your favourite snack or drink.


Using payment options such as Apple Pay is not only a convenient payment option but is also contactless, safe and secure for the consumers, it works by using your mobile device to tap and pay.

All payments are securely authenticated using Face ID, Touch ID or your device passcode, meaning your card number is never shared

Further more it allows you to conveniently and easily switch between bank cards within in Apple Pay app.

It works by being able to tap and pay with the use of your mobile phone device. With Apple Pay, your card number is never shared or saved on your device. All payments are securely authenticated using Face ID, Touch ID or your device passcode. Using account ID makes it virtually impossible for identity thieves to steal your personal information. Consumers can also switch easily between the Visa and eftpos network they want to use.

In todays society, people are veering away from using cash as a payment option. This means that most people no longer carry cash on them.

With the use of card readers, your employees will no longer need to miss-out on a quick hunger fix or refreshment to push through the day just because they do not have cash on them. All that is needed is a preferred bank card or mobile device.

Not only is this beneficial for your staff but also for your business. A quick snack is sometimes all that is needed for staff to maintain efficiency and productivity in the workplace; which is necessary for running a successful business.

Employees will also no longer need to waste time, leaving the workplace to grab a snack or drink. Our card reader vending machines offer multi payment options so that all favourable snack and drinks are accessible to everyone on site.

This means an automatic increase to your profit margin and also offers the convivence to your customers to ensure they are not a one off customer but rather a repeat customer as the purchasing process is smooth and stress-free.

Another major benefit of our card reader vending machines is that they come combined with our back to base remote monitoring system.

This system helps vending machine businesses to increase productivity and ultimately improve profit margins. Studies show that remote monitoring systems can increase profit margins Significantly by 30% .

With the advanced technology of a back to base remote monitoring system you will be able to keep up to date with sales numbers, predict sales, and audit cash flow. This system will further enable you to keep business records, and will report back to you at certain times of the day, keeping you up to date with all sales. It also will keep you updated with alerts in regards to sales activity, temperature changes and stock history. Ultimately removing the need of unnecessary stock refill runs.

Remote back-to-base monitoring enables independent vending machine owners to keep track of your stock and sales, keeping you informed of the consumers most popular purchased items so they never have to run out. This will further ensure you are stocking the machine with a product selection to assist with achieving extreme customer satisfaction.

The feedback from upgrading to our card reader vending machines has been enormously positive. Our modern and contemporary vending machines are assured to bring supreme customer satisfaction, they create a hassle free business for you and are guaranteed to increase your profit margin. We now ensure all our systems placed around Australia are with card reader payment systems.

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